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Deviance: Process Society and Social definitions are eternally changing, dynamic affairs. Origins of ideas, definitions, meanings must be critically examined. Grassroots movements versus Interest Groups Generalized concerns and ambivalence==>grounds for conflict, and negotiation. 1. Legal Status of Marijuana: Up and Downs- Role of Moral Entrepreneurs, Current Grass Roots Movement- "Harm Reduction" 2. Teenage Sex: Historically- "The thing to do!" Now==> The Social Problem. Love vs Promiscuity. 3. Abortion: Political struggle to define Deviance. Openness to Definitional Change: Morality, Medicine, Power and Social Roles. Ambiguity of issue: necessary evil ==> Battleground of ideological warfare.
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Unformatted text preview: Deviance: • Can be anything, anywhere, anyone. • More likely some than others • Not just Nuts and Sluts, but does include them • Ubiquitous • Permeates all aspects of Social Life • Some predictability Facts: • Change is a reality. • Reality is structured out of our definitions and interpretations. • Definitions of Deviance come from a variety of Sources. • The study of deviance entails developing an understanding of the processes of change and developing an awareness of how definitions of reality are negotiated in everyday life situations....
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