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Durkheim: Pathological and Normal Societies Crime as normal and Necessary Functions of Deviance 1. Boundary Maintenance 2. Group Solidarity 3. Innovation 4. Tension Reduction o Dysfunctions of Deviance: Anomie Merton: Manifest and Latent Functions Dysfunctions Deviance can be either functional or dysfunctional Universal forms of dysfunctional deviance 1. Incest (in general vs. specific). Impact on social system. 2. Murder (in general vs. specific) Latent Functionality of Deviance (condemned, but tolerated).
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Prostitution 2. Political Machines 3. Drug Use 4. Organized Crime 5. Punishment Manifest Functionality of Deviance 1. Quakers: Oddness of member==> target of group tolerance and care (central values of religion) 2. Army trainees: bumbler==> reduce tension, develop helpfulness, build unit, express feminine emotions • Erikson : System tends to produce and sustain the deviant==> Prisons, The Homeless; and subculture formation...
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