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E PLURIBUS UNUM - requires the guidance and help of the...

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"E PLURIBUS UNUM" Stereotype refers to a belief which is directed towards a praticular category frequently members of a particular ethnic or racial group, which is based on a mental image defining certain characteristics supposedly possessed by all of the individuals in the group towards which the stereotype is directed. Segregation is a process by which one or more groups are isolated from another group. Annihilation is a situation where one group attempts to wipe out the other group. Partition is a process which occurs when a dominant group physically isolates the subordinate group. Paternalism is a social system which operates by the dominant racial or ethnic group using the minority group to achieve its ends under the supposition that the minority group
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Unformatted text preview: requires the guidance and help of the superior dominant group. Pluralism is a social system in which different ethnic and racial groups exist side by side and maintain seperate cultures without developing positions of subordination. Prejudice an attitude, either favorable or unfavorable, about a group or category of individuals which assumes that all of the members of the group towards whom the prejudice is directed possess a certain characteristic(s). Discrimination is the unequal and usually unfavorable treatment of individuals of one group by individuals of another group....
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