Elements of Social Identity

Elements of Social Identity - Males: 1. Impersonal 2....

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Elements of Social Identity Self-Identity Subculture Subjective Behavior Judgment (George) Sexual Preference (partner availability) Sexual Arousal Public Definition Becoming and Coming Out: Identity Disclosure Sub-cultural participation Behavior--Identity: variable Process (average--6 years): Not simple social learning 1. 1st define away--a phase 2. Guilt 3. Ambiguity--did it but not a homosexual: no role acceptance, doing vs. Being. 4. Suspect 5. Persistence of desire/lack of heterosexual desire 6. Failure to explain away 7. Meaningful experience 8. Significant other: defines for the individual 9. Realization of normalcy of others 10. Pride 11. Synthesis Male/Female Differences Both condemned
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Unformatted text preview: Males: 1. Impersonal 2. Anonymous-60% One time only 3. 4/5's-longest affair lasted less than one year 4. Males begin earlier ([email protected]) 5. Process appears more patterned Females: 1. Fewer relationships 2. Longer, more romantically involved (60%--3 or fewer partners) 3. Little "cruising", little "tearoom" sex 4. Females-more heterosexual contact (more likely than heterosexual females) 5. Females: First experience typically later in life ([email protected]) 6. "Drift" 7. Less of a structured Subculture 8. Most "Happy and Satisfied" with their lesbian role Public Image--less fear and hostility towards lesbian Males find lesbian sexual activity erotic!?...
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Elements of Social Identity - Males: 1. Impersonal 2....

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