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Evaluation of Miller's Ideas: "Delinquent values" not widely accepted in lower-class Underestimates impact and acceptance of Middle-class values Lower-class gang members don't view delinquent subcultures positively Questionable relationship between broken homes and female headed households and delinquency Violence and Subculture What is violence? Labeling and approval Rioters vs freedom fighters Political and ideological factors Who is defining? Covert Institutional Violence
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Unformatted text preview: • Inequalities • Prejudice • Pychological • Justifiable • Excusable • Lack of attention Cross Cultural • Biological theories-aggression as natural • Universality? Mead: Arapesh vs. Mundugumor • Tasaday, Lepcha, Pygmies Sociological Focus: • Not universal • Rates vary--what is it about a society. ..? • Degrees tolerated and approved • Targets (in vs. out groups)(Kaingang) • Modern Nation State- Out-group vs in-group...
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