Family Violence - Of all killers of relatives 61 received...

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Family Violence Intimate--1000's of times more common than street violence The Family as a Violent Institution Relationship: stranger=assault, relative=OK, typically not viewed as violence Social Image of Seriousness (140 equals least) (Rossi, et al, 1974) Beat spouse 91 Beat stranger 64 Stranger rape 13 Rape former spouse 62 Even when death of a victim is involved; still more lenient attitude toward offender Perhaps worse for child abuse 300 homicides in Houston: 1.
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Unformatted text preview: Of all killers of relatives- 61% received no penalty 2. 53% recevied no penalty if killed friend 3. 36% no penalty if killed stranger Social Learning? Murder • Intimate (felony murder becoming more common) • Unplanned • Intra-racial • Relationship o Stranger: 15-25% o Family: 13% o Friends and acquaintances: 35% o Propinquity o Frequency of interaction o Intimacy-intensity of emotions o Importance of attitudes of those with whom we are involved....
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