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Goffman: "Abominations of the Body" Two Types of Physical Deviance: 1. Violations of Aesthetic norms - what people should look like- height, weight, the absence or presence of disfigurement. o Cultural "Identity Norms" (Goffman): Define "ideal" body image o Stigma o Individuals are "disvalued" o Exclusion Conformity to and Violations of Aesthetic Standards 1. Rewarding attractiveness and punishing ugliness is a cultural universal - in every society, there has always been negative consequences for not measuring up to the cultural standards of beauty with sanctions ranging from teasing to death. 2. The consensus about what is beautiful is more significant than the variation:
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Unformatted text preview: o Biological Explanation: humans are "hardwired" towards universal aesthetic judgment? o Social Science Explanation: it is culture which explains judgments of attractiveness -Are we just products of our DNA? 3. Is the possession of an unaesthetic appearance the possessor's "fault" ? o According to Karen Dion, YES!-Although people who posses an unaesthetic appearance have not DONE anything to deserve their appearance, they are more likely to be suspected of engaging in wrong doing, labeled deviant and punished ....
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