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History , Types, Patterns , and Extent of Use Medical- Legal/Instrumental Prescription and OTC ~$110 Billion/year Changing pattern-significant decline Exceptions: Prozac, Xanax Pharmacological Revolutions o Vaccines o Antibiotics o Psychopharmacology o Birth Control, o "Drug Free" o Better Living Through Chemistry?? Illegal/Instrumental User and societal definition
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Unformatted text preview: Legal/Recreational • Caffeine, Nicotine , Alcohol Illegal/Recreational ( NHSDUH ) • 45% tried • 14% past year • 8% current 1. Marijuana 2. Psychotherapeutics 3. Cocaine/crack 4. Hallucinogens 5. Narcotics 6. Others Issues • User Loyalty • Drugs most likely to be given up • Harm...
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