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Incest Taboo: recently receiving attention. Product of sexually repressive society Incest vs. Sexual Victimization 1. Child can't consent 2. Coercion and intimidation 3. Adult victimizes child Women not typically the victimizers 1. Boys victimized by fathers 2. Sex roles-male as aggressor, control 3. Patriarchy 4. Father's power, especially over children, especially over female children 5. Brother-sister: males older, females-long term problems--most never marry Victims: ~19% females, 9% males (1998 study: 20%) Victimizers: brothers, uncles, fathers/stepfathers 1. Stepfathers-7x rate of natural fathers
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Unformatted text preview: 2. 1/6 of females with stepfathers--abused, more frequent Father-Daughter: overall--traumatic, long-term, no positive aspects. 2.1. 87% father sole economic provider Associated factors: Wife out of picture Mother/daughter estranged Daughter assumes wifely household tasks--distortion of role structure--"surrogate wife" Costs to victim: 1. Exploitation-impacts ability to give/receive affection 2. Secrecy--tension and intimacy 3. Mother/daughter competition 4. Sexual object 5. Guilt 6. Self-blame...
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