Inequality within the Family

Inequality within the Family - family in terms of rule...

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Inequality within the Family The status of women within the family parallels the position that they hold in the job markets . Women, however, earn no money for the jobs that they perform in terms of housework and child rearing, although these jobs are necessary for the survival of the family. Despite the importance of such work, it is not viewed as prestigious in terms of wage compensation. The status of men, as wage earners outside the home, helps establish his highly valued position within the family because women do not have access to resources outside the home. The position of women in the labor market adds to their dependence experienced within the family. Gender inequality is historically related to the subordinate position of women within the
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Unformatted text preview: family in terms of rule making and control of resources (e.g., money) . This relationship is continued within the labor market where historically men have secured vested positions by making the rules (controlling management and labor) and by receiving unequal (greater) rewards. (Eitzen and Baca-Zinn, 1994:443) The reader should be aware that the kinds of relationships discussed above characterize most majority/minority relationships. The dominant partner in any social relationship can maintain power via a combination of control over decision making processes, control of wealth, and one might add control over ideology that superimposes a justification on top of unequal relationships ....
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