IQ - Bio-Social Theory Variety of causes: Allergies,...

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IQ  Low IQ as a cause of criminality. Feebleminded unable to cope with  complex social conditions. Compared WWI recruits with prisoners: 47% of  recruits vs 20% of prisoners!!!? IQ and deviance--relevance of tests, social class and opportunity,  schooling and expectations. IQ and studies of Delinquency: School performance Genetics Twins/Adoptees: 1/3 correlation with birth father, but adopted father  explains even more. Concordance between identical twins high, but far from perfect.  Little attention to mother's behavior. XYY Chromosomes: Only 1/1,800-3,000 possess No firm link except to tallness.
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Unformatted text preview: Bio-Social Theory Variety of causes: Allergies, Hormones, Organic Brain Syndrome, ADD, etc. Environmental factors trigger response Psychological Theories Psychodynamic Freud : Id-Ego-Superego--problem of imbalance. Oral-Anal and Phallic Stages--Fixation Repression Erik Erikson : Child development Identity versus Role Confusion--adolescence 1. Identity diffusion: excessively self-conscious, overly concerned with sexuality 2. Identity foreclosure: problem of unfulfilled expectations 3. Negative identity: (objected to by others)- rebel to be noticed...
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IQ - Bio-Social Theory Variety of causes: Allergies,...

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