Ironies of Social Control

Ironies of Social Control - 1. Stereotypes the sighted...

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"Ironies of Social Control" (in Pontell, 2005) Deviance and social interaction: Reactions to deviance change the shape of deviance. Not just "secondary deviance," but in the course of attempts to control rule enforcers give new meaning to the reality of deviance- foster "Primary Deviance." Escalation: 1. Increase frequency, seriousness (high speed chase, runaway->probation->new violation->delinquent) 2. new categories(carjacking) 3. increases skill level of 'criminal' 4. violations linked to enforcement ("buy money," 'scared straight,' "the usual suspects") Non-Enforcement Covert Facilitation Robert Scott: "The Making of Blind Men" (in Pontell, 1993) The problem of blindness does not stem from preconceptions about blindness, it is an effect of introducing the factor of blindness into interaction: Strained Interaction The Socialization of the Blind
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Stereotypes the sighted have: Blindness as "Master Status" 2. Stigma 3. Ambiguity and communication problems 4. Disrupted interaction"Confirms" status and stigma:"Looking-Glass-Self" 5. Further problem: Social Dependency- Power and Social Exchange 1 and 2: force the blind to recognize their 'differentness' and creates a social identity that is either accepted or rejected by the blind (in either case they are forced into responding to the stigma, and "becoming" a " Self " based on their response. This imposes uniform behavioral patterns on the blind, which in turn feed the stereotypes. ....... 3, 4, and 5: Provide further evidence of 'differentness,' deny feedback, and relegates the blind to a subordinate position. Net result: Heterogeneous population becomes homogeneous....
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