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Marriage Partners - Matrilocal newly married couple...

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Marriage Partners: Monogamy - one man to one woman Polygamy - multiple mates. Polygyny - one man to multiple wives (tendency of Islam) (preferred marriage form in most cultures) Polyandry - one woman to multiple husbands. Group Marriage - multiple men and women share the marital relationship (doesn't work) Family Residence Types: Patrilocal - newly married couple establish residence w/the husband's family of orientation.
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Unformatted text preview: Matrilocal- newly married couple establish residence w/the wife's family of orientation. Neolocal- newly married couple establish a new residence seperate from both families of orientation. Family Descent: Patrilineal- descent is traced through the father's family. Matrilineal - descent is traced through the mother's family. Bilineal - descent is traced thur both father and mother's family....
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