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MARTIAL STATUS - from invading life but apparently can help...

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MARTIAL STATUS Single, never married men are strikingly more likely to score high on every available measure of mental disorder than are married men; separated and divorced men rank somewhere in-between. WHY? Men who are married and stay married are more stable, psychologically healthy, and conventional than men who never marry and therefore, they are less mentally disordered. The kind of man who marries is also the kind of man who exhibits relatively few personality problems, while the man who does not marry is far more likely to exhibit those same problems. Men with severe mental problems are not considered desirable partners and thus, will be socially avoided by women. Being married is conducive to a man's mental health, security, and well being. "Marriage does not prevent economic and social problems
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Unformatted text preview: from invading life, but apparently can help fend off the psychological assaults that such problems otherwise create" The special protection that supposedly extends to men seems to offer no special protection for women. Women suffer as a result of being married, because marriage is more demanding on women. • A man who is mentally ill is seen by all women as an undesirable partner, while a woman who displays certain mental disorders may still be considered marriageable. The evidence seems to favor few differences in the impact of marriage between men and women should strike the observer forcefully. Marriage may be good for men and of considerably less consequence for women. In a less patriarchal society, marriage will become more equalitarian and possibly, equally good for both sexes....
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