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Medicalization of Deviance

Medicalization of Deviance - • No free will-at least with...

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Medicalization of Deviance More deviant (trouble and unpredictable)==> more likely to be medicalized Treat medically, not because they're bad; but because they're sick No willfulness Objectifies--no more public debate, disease is the domain of experts Treatment: cure may be worse than punishment Concept distorts the cultural and value basis of the definitional process Mental Disorder and Deviance Condescension and Pity vs. outrage and loathing
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Unformatted text preview: • No free will-at least with medical model • Mental disorder is highly generalizable, classic Master Status • Sickness as deviance: The Sick Role 1. Seek culturally defined and accepted medical help 2. Follow health care providers orders 3. Attempt to move out of the sick role, i.e. do not stay sick longer than necessary 4. Verbalize lack of desire to be sick 5. View role as temporary and involuntary 6. Do not enjoy...
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