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Michel Foucault - control possible Central Ideas of...

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Michel Foucault: Historical movement has been from brutal, overt repression to rational, scientific, and bureaucratic control--Administrate/Heal. See, Gary Marx: The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove: Totalitarian Potentials Within Democratic Structures from The Social Fabric: Dimensions and Issues; James E. Short, Jr., ed.,Sage Publications, Beverly Hills, CA. 1986. (http://web.mit.edu/gtmarx/www/iron.html) Goal: pacify and secure a stable and predictable work force for modern capitalist industry (today, workers are no longer needed, so need to regulate even more efficiently) Shift has been; from the many controlling the few, to the few controlling the many (Big Brother is Watching You!!!) Problems with Foucault: Historical accuracy (empiricism vs. Structuralism)-- Thought and discourse as reality? Can we derive intentions from the consequences of behavior? Is a society without social
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Unformatted text preview: control possible? Central Ideas of Structuralism Social control is problematic: Not natural, but a product of social forces, group interests. Politics; winners and losers. Control is coercive and repressive. Control: Restrain troublesome populations 1. Unemployed and welfare 2. Prozac 3. Education and the "Hidden Curriculum" When threat is reduced: dump them out (Spitzer's Social Junk) Control may appear humane and benign, but is in reality oppressive. Social Control is State (or state like) Control 1. Integrated institutional networks, agencies 2. Circulate the same group of "clients." 3. Even the media plays a role, shapes our perspective. Social control is unified and coherent. "Transcarceration": Control activity moved from the individual body (demonic)==>to the Spirit (individual "therapy")==> to the "Body Social" (the Mass)...
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