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Modernization Theory's Prerequisites for Modernization A. Institutional Preconditions for Modernization Institutional preconditions inevitably involve democracy , anti-communism , and laissez- faire government policy regarding the economy. Modernizationist solutions to domestic economic problems advocated free-market activities that stress comparative advantage -- a philosophy that suggests that in order for countries to develop, each country should do what it does best. B. Psychological Change New values have to be learned. People in developing countries have to develop traits like individualism, personal achievement, and a desire to control their own destiny. Individuals must learn to want economic growth and must be willing to become more mobile. They must learn to defer gratification . The legitimacy of the state becomes important. Theories of Global Social Change: Marxist Theories Marxists argue that first-world involvement in the internal development of poor countries is not desirable. International relationships, overall, flow from a basic desire by first-
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