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Modifications - Modifications 1810 premeditation mitigating...

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Modifications: 1810-: premeditation, mitigating circumstances 1843: M'Naughten Case--insanity--defect, inability to rationally weigh act and consequences. Control: Penitentiaries : reflect on behavior. (another view ) Rational--sentence length adjusted to severity of the crime. Seed for the development of positivistic theories -bio/psych. Prison as laboratory, total control, observe the individual and manipulate/change-- return to a focus on causation. Classical perspective today: Rational Choice Theory The Evolution of Classical Theory: Rational Choice, Deterrence, Incapacitation and Just Desert In seeking to answer the question, "Why do people engage in deviant and/or criminal acts?", many researchers, as well as the general public, have begun to focus on the element of personal choice . An understanding of personal choice is commonly based in a conception of rationality or rational choice. These conceptions are rooted in the analysis of human behavior developed by the early classical theorists ,
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