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Moral Entrepreneurs - • Need to continue to maintain...

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"Moral Entrepreneurs: The Creation and Enforcement of Deviant Categories" (in Pontell, 2005) Who makes the rules? Moral entrepreneurs: Crusading Reformers A mission: personal or social. New rules-- New deviance. Paternalism ("help the less fortunate," add to their own power). Concern with the rule itself- Ends vs. Means: Reliance upon "experts" (lawyers, doctors, etc.). Experts bring own interests into play: modifies the original intent of the crusader. Rule Enforcers Once a new rule (law): Then institutionalization- an Agency (police, FBN, etc) Agency's interest and motives? Detachment- not concerned with the content of the rule, but with enforcement: The rule is a JOB.
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Unformatted text preview: • Need to continue to maintain justification for the existence of the JOB: Crime is increasing at a decreasing rate. • Day to day reality: Need for maintenance of position on the street. Respect. • Official deviance often becomes, not rule breaking, but lack of respect for rule enforcer. o Demeanor o Discretion o The "Fix": 'Amateurs get caught' o Enforcers have little stake in the content of the rule, they often develop their own evaluation of the importance of the rule in light of the contingencies of their daily activities. Enforcers and Creators: Often at odds==> Leads to a new crusade. Deviance "re-loaded."...
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