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Most appealing Sexual Activities: Traditional penile-vaginal sex turned out to be the only sexual activity that was almost universally appealing: 83% of men and 78% of women said that is was "very appealing to them." 80% of the sample said that every time they had sex during the past year, they had vaginal sex. Half of the men and a third of the women said that watching their partner undress was very appealing Giving oral sex: 37% men, 19% women Thus: the activates the respondents said they found appealing were quite traditional and conventional. Unusual, far-out "deviant" activities attracted very few positive evaluations. The Tourist Sex Trade: Feminism versus ethnography? (see pages 254-257, Goode, 8 ed.) " Etic " versus "
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Unformatted text preview: emic " accounts? Who benefits from prostitution? Choice and stigma? Tradition or imposition? RADICAL FEMINISM The defining feature is the view that all heterosexual sex is patriarchal or male dominated and therefore oppressive. "Sex work" generally and prostitution and pornography specifically, represents the most extreme forms of patriarchy and sexual oppression All women are exploited, demeaned, and brutalized by pornography: Men who are exposed to it carry over this exploitative stance into their relations with all the women in their lives. All sex is saturated by patriarchy- the "anti-sex" position- All heterosexual sex is sexual slavery. Hence, it is necessary to do away with all sex....
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