Murder in the United States Two Basic forms of non

Murder in the United States Two Basic forms of non - Rape...

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Murder in the United States Two Basic forms of non-criminal homicide 1. Excusable - or an accident - killing someone who jumps in front of your car 2. Justifiable - killing that results from the dictates of a legal demand - police killing a felon "in the line of duty" What is or is not murder is socially constructed. The basic question we have to ask is: What sorts of killings qualify as criminal? CRIMINAL HOMICIDE: the willful taking of human life, is not a random event
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Unformatted text preview: Rape • Changing definition • Sex and violence--pseudo-sexual: Act vs. Motive 1. Sexual nature 2. Sex/violence fused for some 3. Rape is instrumental for some 4. Rape as a sexual adventure 5. Victim's age--younger 6. Perpetrators choose women of same or younger age S. Brownmiller: criminal concerns related to the emergence of a monetary economy. First laws criminalized only the rape of a virgin--financial loss...
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