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Murder realities (2004) Intimate (felony murder becoming more common) Unplanned, yet form of vindication Intra-racial Relationship 1. Stranger: 15-25% 2. Family: 13% 3. Friends and acquaintances: 35% 4. Propinquity 5. Frequency of interaction 6. Intimacy-intensity of emotions 7. Importance of attitudes of those with whom we are involved. Age 1. Killers, under 25, median 18 2. Victims 18 and older Urban versus Rural: And in urban areas- Not random: Specific neighborhoods South/West vs Midwest/East Race 1. 49% Of victims--African American 2. Intra-racial 3. If victim is A-A: 92% killer A-A 4. If victim is W: 93% killer W 5. Holds for Hispanics 6. Back to the relationship
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Unformatted text preview: • SES 1. Acts defined as murder--more likely lower class (Powerful kill more) 2. Not poverty per se, but economic inequality. 3. Henry and Short on suicide vs. murder and SES. 4. NYC: rate in the poorest precinct-203 versus rate in the wealthiest-4 5. Relative deprivation • Gender 1. Men kill and are killed by men (90% of offenders male/72% of victims of male offenders are male) 2. Women kill and are killed by men (10% of offenders/73% of victims of female offenders are male) 3. 90% of offenders who murder males are male only 10% of female murder victions are killed by females....
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