Nature Limits - Nature Limits Some aspects of social life...

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Unformatted text preview: Nature Limits: Some aspects of social life may be fixed at birth. The utility of constructionism is affirmed by the random assignment of the sex through primitive contemporary procedures. This is a creature of sociology and technology, not the science of genetics. Should we allow a child with ambiguous genitals to grow up "as nature made them," and allow them to gravitate toward their own sexual destiny? D. Freaks Leslie Fiedler: Freaks Prior to the 20c, freaks were defined as "Prodigies". Their differences were accepted as a tolerable form of physical eccentricity, rather than a source of contempt. It was modern medicine's arrogance, or hubris , that all deformities can be cured, which defined freaks as deviants. Today freaks stir fear in normals' definitions of : • Normalcy • Childhood Myths • Sexuality and Gender The freak projects our "infantile or adolescent traumas". They manifest or dramatize our "primordial fears about scale, sexuality our status as more than beast and our tenuous...
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