Official definitions and patterns

Official definitions and patterns - • Characteristics of...

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Official definitions and patterns Rape vs. sexual assault Forcibly and against victims's will (problems) Statutory rape Rate- UCR: 94,000 rapes in 2004. 32/100,000; NCVS:160 rapes and sexual assaults/100,000 (2005) 150,000. Actual figure~2-10X Reporting Rape: Age (more younger victims, less likely to report) Education SES (more frequent in working and lower classes) Attitudes toward pre-marital sex VIOLENCE Audiences and Definitions Inclusiveness and exclusiveness Rapist's vocabulary of motive (Scully and Marolla, 1984) 1. 47/114: admit, but excused (drunk, etc) 2. 32/114: sex yes, but not rape 3. 35/114: deny 4. Construction of reality General Public (see Goode 4th-6th editions) 1. 7 scenarios, all rape: 54% define 2. 1 extreme: only 92% define
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Unformatted text preview: • Characteristics of respondents 1. Females: similar to those who report 2. Males: definition of situation as consensual 3. Conservative view of women's roles--blame the victim • Characteristics of victim 1. Dress, place, previous behavior • Relationship: if any, esp. sexual: low probability of definition. Once grant sexual right, man possesses CJS: simple vs. aggravated • Aggravated: pursued, and high conviction. 1966--juries 4x more likely; • 1977 police: 5% of aggravated, 24% simple--unfounded; 1987 indictments: 33%/7% Victim: • [email protected] U. - 2% raped/16% sex forced • 1989 Study: 1 out of every 3 Females and 1 out of every 10 Males (by Acquaintance)...
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Official definitions and patterns - • Characteristics of...

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