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Our primary aim is to discover how some

Our primary aim is to discover how some - edited by Piotr...

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"Our primary aim is to discover how some social structures exert a definite pressure upon certain persons in the society to engage in nonconformist rather than conformist conduct. . . . high rates of deviant behavior in these groups [occur] not because the human beings comprising them are compounded of distinctive biological tendencies but because they are responding normally to to the social situation in which they find themselves. " Robert K. Merton, "Social Structure and Anomie." American Sociological Review 3 (Oct. 1938): 672-82. Reprinted in On Social Structure and Science, essays by Robert K. Merton,
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Unformatted text preview: edited by Piotr Sztompka. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996. Goals: Well defined, articulated, established and accepted (internalization, socialization) Means: • Legitimate means de-emphasized. • Certain groups blocked from accessing them. Strain ( Prof. Tom O'Connor's notes , local copy) : Occurs between individual's aspirations and expectations==> Not individual problem, but structural reality. Adaption to strain • Can be deviance (norm violation). • Once deviance becomes an alternative it can spread, and become a relatively permanent part of a social system....
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