Pathology - Deviance-Yes • Sexual Stigma • Laws • Language • Persecution • Work-teachers • As parents • Psychiatry • Religion •

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Pathology? Either/or ideology vs. Dimensions and degrees Essentialism "Science"=psychoanalysis Psycho-sexual disorder? Heterosexual destiny? Anatomically determined? Unnatural? Reproduction? Critique ? Desirability of heterosexuality=scientific ? Exclusive heterosexuality=inadequate homosexual functioning (gays and heterosexual experience) ? Disorder--skewed sample
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Unformatted text preview: Deviance-Yes • Sexual Stigma • Laws • Language • Persecution • Work--teachers ? • As parents ? • Psychiatry • Religion • No to "gay marriage" in 2004 Deviance- Ambiguity?? • Indirect/Symbolic Stigma • Opinion Polls • Public Figures • Law enforcement • Supreme Court: Lawrence v. Texas • Popular opinion...
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