Perspectives on Class

Perspectives on Class - Perspectives on Class A....

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Perspectives on Class A. Stratification: A Functionalist View Functionalist see the class structure is beneficial to American society. Furthermore, class structure is necessary. Functionalist concern themselves with how a society can encourage the most qualified people to do the most important jobs. Class structure facilitates this end. 1. Class structure provides a competitive arena A class structure allows the best rise to the top of the social strata. 2. Class structure provides a motivating force Fluid class structure provides motivation and an arena for individual achievement. It offers prizes that challenge people to work hard. 3. Class structure provides opportunity Americans believe that through hard work, all people have a crack at getting to the top. The wealth of the few is the goal of every American. Of course, there is poverty. Poverty, however, is simply the result of individuals not trying hard enough. B. Stratification: A Conflict View Conflict theory argues that the basis of social stratification is found in conflict over some kind of scare resources . Conflict theory contends that stratification is not necessary, but is maintained to safeguard the ruling class's privileges. Those who find social class beneficial are those who have "made it" in the system. Rather than stratification being a fluid system of upward and downward mobility based on ability, the class system is actually characterized by institutional inequalities in income and wealth. Only on rare occasions do Americans break through the class barrier . Usually break through occurs as a result of a lucky "roll of the dice." Few people actually succeed at social advancement through sheer hard work. Marriage and Upward Mobility
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Perspectives on Class - Perspectives on Class A....

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