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Physical Characteristics As Deviance (these ideas drawn from Goode, 2001-2008 chapter 13. See the disclaimer ) Erving Goffman: Stigma Stigma as Master Status and a Moral Career A stigma , or the " manifestation or outward appearance of an inner deficiency, that either has been or may be noticed, that results or would result in infamy and dishonor ," (p. 327) becomes the possessor's master trait or status, from which everything about the person is interpreted. (i.e. Since many " normals " believe, " only defective, contaminated, sinners would break 'our' social norms and rules ," the possessor of a stigma becomes defined as "not quite human" and like a chronic disease, his or her single negative trait becomes the controlling one . His or her master status.)
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Unformatted text preview: • Discredited identity • Strained interaction • Always "on" 2 Paths for the Stigmatized 1. Resistance-non shaming of one's identity o the homosexual subculture 2. Internalization o W. I. Thomas- Definition of the situation and self-fulfilling prophecy Physical Characteristics as a form of Deviance Two ways of categorization: 1. Social Valuation -public opinion- "Is having a tattoo good or bad?" 2. Acquisition of Trait-Was the trait acquired Involuntarily -Is it innate ? OR Was the trait acquired Voluntarily - An addict's HIV. o Distinguish between the "cause" of a condition, and the "blame" directed at the possessor --blame accentuates the deviance. 3. Timing of aquisition of stigma and impact on "moral career."...
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