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Positivism - • Have"objective" explanation as...

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Positivism (from Goode, 1994-2008 chapter 3. See the disclaimer ) A Methodological approach to understanding phenomenon based on: Scientific Method Empiricism Objectivity (vs. ideology/politics) See also, wikipedia on positivism Positivistic Assumptions surrounding deviance Deviance is real Deviants possess certain traits, commonalities. Understanding these traits gives us an understanding of the "causes" of deviance Positivistic Approaches: Are characterized by Essentialism Seek understanding of Cause and Effect (forces, determinism)
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Unformatted text preview: • Have "objective" explanation as their goal Theory of Action-Reaction • Action is rational and non-problematic • Deviants deviate and are labeled as such. Enforcement is directed at maintaining Order. • Norms: protect the group, They are enacted for the common good. • Deviance/deviants harm society. • Social control is rational, and directed towards restoring societal integration • Central question for positivist approaches: Why do they do it? Discover cause; control individual (group); restore order ....
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