Problems with Strain Theories

Problems with Strain Theories - • Interpersonal Factors...

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Problems with Strain Theories: Question of lower class aspirations and expectations as strained (Hirschi-- low aspirations of the lower class Question of deviant motivation--intention. Question of specialization within deviant subcultures. Question of drug users being "double failures." Strain Theories accept simple normative definition of deviance. They rely on official statistics as depicting the reality of deviance. Essentially a lower class focus, what about Middle Class deviance? Somewhat radical, but radical enough? Current Work: Agnew's " General Strain Theory " Structural Factors: similar to Merton Individual Factors: biological and psychological
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Unformatted text preview: • Interpersonal Factors: group structures and dissatisfaction • Unlimited and Unobtainable Goals • Further information The Blau's: Relative Deprivation • Inequality perceived to be due to race or class • Sense of social injustice • Distrust of Society • Not poverty itself, but proximity of wealth and poverty Crime and the American Dream , Steven Messner and Richard Rosenfeld (1994) • A recent "radicalization" of Merton's key ideas. • A focus on contradictions in both the cultural system, as well as the opportunity structures of modern society. • "Re-inventing Culture." • Further information...
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