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Prostitutes' Attitudes No enjoyment, it gets in the way. Appreciate the economic rewards, however the downside is the sex. Mockery of sex/love; Selling their humanity Contempt for "trick" Not characterized as man haters. Becoming a Prostitute Research sources: Limitations of sample Background factors: Variety of experience, although abuse and early promiscuity are common. Casual Sex ==> Drift ==> Transition ==> Professionalization
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Unformatted text preview: • Drift--forks in the road • Transition--Stigma Neutralization, Normalization • Role ambivalence--"Turnout Blues" • Professionalization--1. Deviant ID 2. Organize life around activity 3. Internalization of subcultural values 4. "Better (smarter) than other women" 5. Functional 6. Sex for Drugs: The World of Cocaine Step-by-step process: Learning and Sub-cultural Theories, Labeling and Secondary Deviance...
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