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Radical Marxism--Focus: How group in power uses position to defuse threat and secure legitimacy of their position. The Ideology of success and failure Law: Chambliss: Vagrancy Laws England, 12th Century--depleted labor supply. First laws gave landed aristocracy control over the movement of their workers. Travel and charity defined as illegal (allows Church to regroup after expense of Crusades). As labor supplies increase, laws relaxed. By 16th Century: mercantilism and trade. New concern: Keep countryside safe for transport. Today: keep "undesirables" out of business (consumer) areas. The Carrier Case of 1473 Rights of Manufacturers Constructive Possession Differential application of law: 1. "Small" scale bias and racism at 13 decision points in
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Unformatted text preview: CJS produces homogeneous population in prison. 2. 10.2% African-Am. vs. 2.7% Whites who are arrested become institutionalized. 3. Working Class vs White Collar Crime 4. Visibility of the powerless 5. Sanctioning: "Great Electrical Conspiracy-- GE fined $1.8 million, "profit"--$1.7 billion. 6. Fine for White Collar criminality is often tax deductible (not usually a criminal sanction, but regulatory action). 7. From 1890-1969: 1551 cases of White Collar "incidents." 45% tried as criminal cases, 35 convictions, 2% of convictions institutionalized for an average length of 6 months. Solution to the problem of Deviance: Redistribute wealth and power. (How?)...
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