Radical - Instrumental Marxism • Law(and the State as a...

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Radical (Marxist) Conflict Theory Marx: Social Relations of Production Human Being as Creative (working) Being Capitalism and Alienation Class Struggle and Hegemony William Bonger (1930-40) Crime is Social in origin. ..Normal Control and Punishment===> Power Distribution of Resources==> Haves and Have-nots. Law serves the Haves Crime equated with harm or threat of harm to the powerful Capitalism: Competition, Wealth, Unequal distribution, Individualism==> Self Interest==> (Egoistic Impulses)==> Crime. Crimes of Rich and Poor are equal, but poor have greater "recognition" Crime and poverty: 1. Direct: Survival 2. Indirect: Alienation Richard Quinney (1960's)
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Unformatted text preview: Instrumental Marxism • Law (and the State) as a tool of the Ruling Class: Supports Status Quo • Control through a variety of Institutions run by and for the elite (Mass Media, Education, Religion). • Typical focus of the sociology of deviance/crime is on the lower class • Solution==> End of Capitalism Plain Marxist: Structural Marxism (Colvin and Pauly): • Parent's class position and workplace control==> alienated parents==> coercive family structure==> alienated juvenile. • Juvenile from above background, more likely to be in coercive (lower class) school environment==> further alienation. • Doubly alienated juveniles==> gangs...
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Radical - Instrumental Marxism • Law(and the State as a...

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