Researching Deviance

Researching Deviance - ) Truth and Lying Response Rate...

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Researching Deviance (Goode, Deviant Behavior , 7-8th editions, 2005/2008, chapter 5. See the disclaimer ) Issues: trust and validity, "courtesy stigma," risk. Qualitative and quantitative methods Use of Official Data Uniform Crime Reports o triangulation o absolutes versus comparative rates DAWN: Drug Abuse Warning Network (see also ) o ED and ME mentions o Charting drug-related problems A DAM : Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Program o voluntary and confidential (85% participation) o Specific focus: drug use and crime Survey Research Question Construction Representativeness (Sampling
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Unformatted text preview: ) Truth and Lying Response Rate Descriptive and Inferential (explanatory) Statistics Variables: IV and DV Exceptions (developing generalizations) Correlations (versus causality ) Controls Sex Surveys "Kinsey Reports " (1948-1953) o Controversy o Sampling problems (volunteers) "University of Chicago Sex in America Survey " o Nationwide, representative. 80% response rate o Importance of sampling o "Now for the Truth About Americans and Sex, " Philip Elmer-Dewitt, Time, October 17, 1994...
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