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Rule of Economy - informal 2 Index Crimes vs White Collar 3...

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1. Rule of Economy: Once categorized, we resist other interpretations of behavior. 2. Rule of Consistency: Once categorized we will organize past and future behavior in line with the new category (retrospective interpretation) o Peyrot (1995) and making the MMPI fit (see Liska, 1999, pages 164-165) . Focus on Organizations and Professional Interests How the structure of the organization impacts the defining process Douglas: Suicide 1. Medical Examiners and Coroners 2. Politics and vested interest 3. Statistics as key to understanding organization of social control rather than the "objective reality" of deviant behavior. 4. right. Other organizational studies: 1. Wilson: Police departments- Large and bureaucratic vs. Small and
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Unformatted text preview: informal. 2. Index Crimes vs. White Collar 3. Shoplifting/employee fraud 4. Mental Disorder: Male vs. Female 5. Breast feeding: Leleche vs DFS Basic Point Policy: • Decriminalize Victimless Crimes: Avoid label, can't deal with them anyway, leads to police corruption, waste of resources (money and time spent on more problematic offenses). • Diversion: Not in order to punish, but again; to avoid official label. Success of diversion is questionable, but so is success of incarceration, and the costs of diversion programs is less. • Organizational reform and restructuring....
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