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Some general considerations concerning Rational Choice

Some general considerations concerning Rational Choice -...

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Some general considerations concerning Rational Choice The following questions and problems need to be considered in analyzing the current "popularity" of the rational choice model : How are the elements of swiftness, certainty, and severity of punishment interrelated? Studies indicate that the more severe the punishment, the less likely it is for juries to impose a specific sentence; therefore it appears that as severity increases, certainty decreases. Tipping is another consideration. It appears that certainty is not purely lineal in effect. That is, rather than increasing the deterrent effect with each incremental increase in the certainty of apprehension, a certain , consistent level of certainty must be reached in order to produce any desired consequences. For some crimes this level is placed at 30%. However, it appears that this level varies with the type of behavior in question and the problem is compounded by the fact that few crimes are reported to the police (between 30-50%) and the police are
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