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"Staggering" Population growth is most intense in the poorest nations of the world . World Watch (in World Development Forum, November 15, 1988) argues that some [population] increases projected for individual countries by World Bank Demographers are staggering. The population of Bangladesh, now 110 million, will triple before it stabilizes. Nigeria's population, now more than 100 million, is projected to reach 529 million before it stops growing late in the 21st century. The forty-three million people of Ethiopia, where a combination of soil erosion, ill-conceived agricultural policies and nonexistent family planning programs have already led to widespread starvation, are projected to quintuple in number. Even with heavy emigration, Mexico's current population of eighty-two million may more than double before stabilizing. What is Demography? Demography is the study of population . It looks at everything that influences population
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