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Status Frustration - legitimate and illegitimate....

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Status Frustration. Children of the lower classes are judged by a "Middle Class Measuring Rod." Families are problematic. Children are failures at school They experience problems with Authorities (police, employers, etc.) Bad home, school failure==> Problem Kid==> Status Frustration. Failure to achieve status and recognition leads to "dropping out," but: One finds oneself in the company of others who share similar concerns and problems. A Collective "reaction formation" emerges (or is already available)==> The Gang. 1. College Boys (~conformist) 2. Corner Boys (~retreatist) 3. Delinquent Boys (~innovator) Further information Richard Cloward and Lloyd Ohlin (1960) (view as html ) Even access to illegitimate opportunities in differentially structured. Deviant response explained by Differential Opportunity Structures, both
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Unformatted text preview: legitimate and illegitimate. Neighborhood and subcultural focus: What is available for the individual experiencing strain? Subcultures-- collective social adjustments to the strains of blocked opportunity. People learn to adjust within the group context. 1. Criminal Gang: integrate age levels, training, skills-- pursuit of profit. Organized, rational, and structured. 2. Conflict Gang: less integration, distance from legitimate goals, less instrumentality >focus on venting pent up frustration, unskilled and disorganized activity. 3. Retreatist Gang: Double Failures. Control: Mobilization for Youth (and many other similar programs in the 1960s)--little impact: too radical, and not radical enough...
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