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Strengths of "social bookkeeping" Allows us to make inferences about what behavior is likely to mean to the majority of the society we are studying Allows us to discover correlations or relationships with key factors or variables that do bear symbolic meanings Enables us to see, in a systematic fashion, differences between the sexes not only in how they construct meanings but also in objective, concrete behavior. "Sex in America" (" Now for the Truth About Americans and Sex, " Philip Elmer- Dewitt, Time, October 17, 1994) Nearly 3,500 adults age 18 to 59 were interviewed nationwide; they represented an accurate cross-section of the country in that age range. The study results turned out to be surprising in that the sexual behavior of the American population turned out to be a great deal more conservative and conventional in their behavior than almost anyone, the researchers included, had expected. Perhaps the most consistent findings was that, whether or not marriage
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