Subcultural Theories of Deviance

Subcultural Theories of Deviance - • Differential...

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Subcultural Theories of Deviance (these ideas drawn from Goode, 1994-2008 chapter 3; and Pfohl, Images of Deviance and Social Control , 1985. See the disclaimer ) Critique of Strain Theories bringing into question the idea of consensus. Thorsten Sellin: Culture Conflict Law norms (dominant group) versus-- Conduct norms (subculture) Deviance as a political Reality: Conflict Theory Edwin Sutherland: Differential Organization
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Unformatted text preview: • Differential Association and Learning Theories Walter Miller: Lower Class Subculture (view as html ) • Distinctively different from middle class. • Lack of male role models. • Serial monogamy. • Alienates male children==>peer group (gang) formation. • Centered around their own set of values and norms: Focal Concerns. 1. Trouble 2. Toughness 3. Excitement 4. Smartness 5. Fate 6. Autonomy...
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