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Subculture of violence Group norm Situationally defined: machismo vs passivity Not all situations, violence is not valued in and of itself Not all=Target--in group vs. out Link: manhood and violence Victim Precipitation 1. Both parties accept legitimacy (26%) 2. Murder transaction 3. Assault-no one died 4. Victim and perpetrator--similar pasts: legal troubles, previous fights, alcohol. Most of us not participators, but could/would in right circumstances-- Subculture defines appropriateness (manhood, family, country, etc.) Not all situations, degree of participation Sub-culture vs. Race and/or Class Structural inequality and changing perception of life chances and appropriateness of violence
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Unformatted text preview: Jack Katz: Righteous Slaughter--humiliation=>Righteousness=>Rage Murder Summary Rape Theories: individual, cultural, structural, situational • Psychopathological: 1. Too restrictive 2. Is rape alien to society? • Psychological: Rapist as different from other men. 1. Malamuth asks men: If no chance of getting caught, would you? 35% yes. Would you use force (vs. rape) 50% answer yes. 2. Proclivity: believe rape myth, have used force, aroused by tapes of rape--similar results with convicted rapists. Malamuth, et al 1992: 1. Proximate causes- attitudes as above, anger towards women, impersonal sex. 2. Distal factors: abused as child, socially poor and violent parents....
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