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Suicide - o Each forms a continuum"Normal" society...

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Suicide: Durkheim and Anomie Society is a stable system.  Balance Equilibrium  All parts work together to promote stability and order Essence of a society==> Moral order==> "Collective Conscience" (and perhaps  "consciousness") Study of Suicide: Focus on "Social Currents" that can sweep through the  "collective conscience." These currents push people in different directions and  determine patternings of behavior. Critical elements of moral order: The Social Bond (issue of "solidarity") Mechanical versus Organic Solidarity   o Normative structure (regulatory function: expectations, responsibilities; role structures for  self and others) o Integrative function (relation/connection between individual and the group/society)
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Unformatted text preview: o Each forms a continuum, "Normal" society is in balance. Types of Suicide and Social Currents Weak Strong Normative Anomic Fatalistic Integrative Egoistic Altruistic • See suicide rates for 1996 for an example of how different groups reflect different patterns of suicide. • Here's another graphic: rates for 1999-2005 (from wikipedia and the CDC ) by gender, ethnicity, and age. ( local copy ) • See also, Suicide.org statistics • See, Jim Spickard's " chart " explaining Durkheim's approach (or my local copy )....
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