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The Baby Boom - The Baby Boom A What is the Baby Boom The...

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The Baby Boom A. What is the Baby Boom? The baby boom represents a demographic event that is well-documented and which has had, and which will continue to have, significant impact on American society (see Weeks, 1996:157-158). The baby boom began in the late 1940s and continued through the 1950s . Although it ended in the 1960s, the baby boom still influences the structure of the population as well as an array of social institutions. Furthermore, its effects will echo far into the future. B. What caused the baby boom? The baby boom occurred because of three events. 1. People postponed having children during the great depression. The depression was not a good time to have children given that more than 25 percent of the population was unemployed. 2. Later, people were forced to postpone childbearing because of World War II. Many men were out of the country and the economy was still not conducive to encourage child birth. At the end of the war, the men came home and the economy boomed.
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