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The Family The Family is the oldest and the most important of the major social institutions. Social Functions of the Family: 1. Socialization (transmitting culture) 2. Sex and reproduction 3. Maintenance of the individual (material and emotionally) Family Forms: Family of Orientation - is the family into which an individual is born (mother, brother, etc.) Family of Procreation - is the family which the individual forms by getting married. Nuclear Family - Husband, wife., and their offspring. Extended Family - nuclear family plus everyone else to whom you consider yourself to be
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Unformatted text preview: related. Endogamy- is the practicing of selecting a mate from within one's own group. (strongest-racial line; religion and social class) Exogamy-is the practice of selecting a mate oustide of one's group. Power and Authority in the Family: Patriarchy - authority in family is held by a male (decision - maker) Matriarchy- authority in family is held by a female. (Does not really exist) Equalatarian- authority held or shared by both male and female. (direction U.S. society is going)...
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