The Sociology of Social Control

The Sociology of Social Control - poverty Terms like...

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The Sociology of Social Control (these ideas drawn from Goode, 1994-2008 chapter 4; and Pfohl, Images of Deviance and Social Control , 1985. See the disclaimer ) Reaction to and extension of Marxist critique of modern society (Structuralism, post structuralism and post modernism). Focus on the development and extension of Formal Control (characteristic of modern societies), (Rational Systems), Control through Technology), (Irrationality of Rationality). Value-Oriented (like conflict theory)==> create a more human(e) system. Stanley Cohen: The Fishing Net (Totally Administered Society) Control mechanisms (police, welfare, MI, etc) constantly sweeping through society, catching, processing (tagging, labeling) and recycling populations (Spitzer) "The New Penology": "One reason for the new penology is a revision in the concept of
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Unformatted text preview: poverty. Terms like the "underclass" are now used to describe large portions of the population who are locked into an inescapable cycle of poverty and despair. Criminal justice managers (emphasis added) now group people by various collectives based on their racial and social characteristics. Rather than seek individual rehabilitation they are oriented toward the more realistic task of monitoring and managing intractable groups. The fact that the underclass is permanent leaves little hope that its members, many of whom are in the correctional population, can be helped. Penology then stresses the low-cost management of a permanent offender population." (Larry Siegel, "Criminal Justice Update," Fall 1993, West Publications)....
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