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The Total Financial Take for Robbers in 2004

The Total Financial Take for Robbers in 2004 - robbery in a...

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The Total Financial Take for Robbers in 2004= $525 million and The Arrest Rate was 26% (stable) Cash or property worth an average of $1,308 per incident $4,221 per bank v. $653 per convenience store v. $1,749 service station v. $1,488 private residence BUT: If a typical robber steals only $1,308 per offense, and assuming his crime is reported half the time, and he is arrested only a quarter of the time his crime is reported, he will earn around $9,000 for each arrest. the more that is stolen, the greater the likelihood that the incident will be reported. Commercial robberies are almost always reported. The average robbery represents an extremely risky and unlucrative means of earning a decent income. It is appealing because it yields a fairly substantial amount of cash in a very short period of time. RURAL v. URBAN Robbery is overwhelmingly a big-city offense. The likelihood of being a victim of a
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Unformatted text preview: robbery in a big city is a lot larger than in a small town or a rural area. • 2004, the robbery rate urban areas was over 25 times as high than for rural areas • Rural- 15.7 per 100,000 v Urban- 375.6 per 100,000 (cities with a population of a million or more). • Big cities offer robber anonymity . • Daring and poverty Most people are robbed by a Strangers - (Harlow 1987)- a victimization survey: • Seven out of Ten cases of robbery by a single offender (69%) • Eight of Ten cases involving a multiple offender (82%) • For single offenders One in Ten (9%) was a casual acquaintance. One in eight (12%) was well known to the victim, but was not a relative. • 4% of all single robbery offenses entailed one spouse robbing another • 2 % entailed relatives robbing one another....
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