Theories of Global Social Change

Theories of Global Social Change - It includes a carving up...

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Theories of Global Social Change: World System Theory Immanual Wallerstein (1974, 1979) coined the term World-System. The World-System represents a system of international stratification . Its proponents argue that "we must understand the world capitalist system as a single unit, not as individual countries " (Appelbaum & Chambliss, 1997:174). Unlike dependency theory, World system theory argues that there is room for poorer countries to advance within the context of the world economy although this happens rarel y. A. The world economic system: Four overlapping elements: 1. The world system is a world market for goods and labor 2. The world system calls attention to a division of the world's population into economic classes 3. The world system is an international system of formal and informal political relations among the most powerful countries, whose competition with one another helps shape the world economy 4.
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Unformatted text preview: It includes a carving up of the world into unequal economic zones with the wealthier zones exploiting the poorer zones. B. The Three Zones of the World System are: 1. The Core Core countries are the most advanced industrial countries and control most of the wealth in the world economy (Appelbaum & Chambliss, 1997:174). 2. The Periphery The periphery consists of low-income, largely agricultural, countries. Core countries manipulate it for the economic advantage of the core. 3. The Semiperiphery The Semiperiphery refers to countries that occupy an intermediate position in the world economy. They extract profit from the periphery and are simultaneously exploited by the core. The existence of the middle (the semiperiphery) is critical, because poor countries can hope to advance at least to this stage. With the possibility of advancement within the world system, revolutionary tendencies are mitigated....
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