This does not mean that rape cannot be other things

This does not mean that rape cannot be other things -...

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This does not mean that rape cannot be other things The "rape isn't about sex, it's about violence" cliché sets up a false dichotomy Essentalist perspective and assumes that there is one and only one way of looking at rape We need to consider the subjectivity of the Rapist. 1. Violence and sex are fused. There is something erotic and sexually exciting about inflicting violence upon women 2. Rape is instrumental. It allows men to gain sexual access to otherwise unattainable women. 3. Rape is "recreation and adventure" "the element of danger" makes rape "all the more exciting" Rapists make up a mixed motivational bag, and violence does not represent the primary motive of all of them - even though they always engage in a violent act when they rape. The act is always violent, though the motive need not be. We must examine how rape is seen, defined and judged by audiences. A CONTINUUM OF JUDGEMENTS exclusive - (SCULLY AND MAROLLA)- inclusive
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Unformatted text preview: - radical feminist - all intercourse between men and women, however consensual it may appear, represents an assault, an act of aggression, an invasion, a violation - RAPE. • moderately exclusive - held by sexual and sex and gender-role traditionalists and conservatives- "Nice girls don't get raped." If women don't engage in all these sexually provocative activities, they won't bring on men's sexual attention in the first place. Most Americans hold this view and will blame woman for a sexual attack against her. They restrict their notion of what rape is to a relatively narrow set of acts. o moderately inclusive - held by sexual and sex and gender-role liberals. Men have no right to force women to do anything sexual; if they do, its rape. This position is held by a minority of the American public. o Three Crucial Audiences: The General Public The CJS, including the police The victims of rape....
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