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Types 1. Streetwalkers 2. Bar girls 3. "Baby Pros": Children (introduced through family, part-time and school, cavalier attitudes and like the money (Inciardi, 1984: "Little Girls and Sex", Deviant Behavior , 5:71-78) 4. Adolescent Female (Marginality) 5. Adolescent Male Prostitutes (Typically unplanned, Peer-Delinquent Subculture: Hustling Network, Gay Subculture) 6. "Road Whores": Labor camps, Conventions, Truck stops 7. Massage Parlor, Photo Studio 8. Escort Service 9. Business Office: "Party girls," "Mistresses," "Career Climber"
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Unformatted text preview: 10. House Prostitutes 11. Call girls (Entrance, Apprenticeship, Contact Development) Pornography Definitional problems: • Soft and hard; erotica • Audience: Works consumed for sexual excitement • Public definition • Genre' Hard Core • What society say is bad is GOOD • Everyone is obsessed with sex • Women always available and responsive • Right women===>man become potent beyond belief • Sex permeates EDL...
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