Unconscious Socialization

Unconscious Socialization - a Personality develops as a...

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Unconscious Socialization: Socialization which occurs as a result of spontaneous interaction w/no purposeful or deliberate attempt on the part of anyone involved to train, educate, etc. Example of Unconscious Socialization: The child learning to use vulgarity in a frustrating traffic situation by observing parents. Aims of Socialization: 1. To instill disciplines Ex. Don't walk in front of a moving car 2. To develop aspirations and ambitions Ex. I want to be a nun, rock star, great sociologist. 3. to develop skills Ex. Reading, drving, etc. 4. To enable the acquisition of social roles Ex. Male, student, etc. Charles Horton Cooley's theory: " The Looking-Glass Self" The behavior of ohters toward him is the mirror in which the individual sees himself. George Herbert Mead's theory of Personality:
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Unformatted text preview: a) Personality develops as a result of socialization which takes place via social interaction. b) An individual must be able to step outside of them selves and see themselves fromt he view of others-"Taking the role of other." c) The " self " (personality) develops by internalizing the norms of one's society. d) The "Generalized-Other" consists of a composite of all those who contribute and participate in one's society. (Control behavior later on). e) The "Significant-Other" are those with whom the individual has an "important" relationship. f) Mead's "I" is that part of the "self" which is spontaneous. g) Mead's "ME" is that part of the "self" which comes about as a result of the individual's internalization of society's values and behavior expectations....
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